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We only source and supply brands which are reputable and hold trustworthy track records. Premium suppliers are sourced worldwide, providing latest technology, quality products at globally competitive prices.

Our customers needs come first. Discovering the right product and brand fit according to their needs is a top priority. Our goal is to deliver real customer satisfaction. We require each and every brand to pass our rigorous requirements. Those brands that deliver the most value to our customers are chosen. 

As a local leading supplier of high quality, established brands, we are honoured to be in the position to provide our customers with the worlds finest welding products and technologies.



Our very own brand Thermamax (originally Thermadyne) boasts the same specifications and benefits as the many other brands we supply. We are proud to say it is synonymous with quality and value for money.


This Kansas-based business is a world-leader in MIG and manual ARC welding products and accessories. Well known for its slogan: If it goes on the end of a welding cable, Tweco makes it, the brand represents quality and innovation. 

Tweco offers a comprehensive range of products from basic manual welding tools and accessories to MIG guns, welding electrodes and consumables. 

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Victor Technologies

With close on 100-years of experience, Victor Technologies is a well-established name in welding technologies. The company holds over 350 welding patents either issued or pending in the United States and elsewhere. It remains at the forefront of cutting, welding and gas control technologies.

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Air Products

Established in 1940, Air Products specialises in the supply of industrial gases, performance materials, equipment and technology. With operations in over 40 countries, Air Products is the worlds largest supplier of hydrogen and helium. 

This company fosters a business environment infused with innovation, operational excellence and a commitment to safety and the environment.  

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A brand of Victor Technologies, Arcair has established itself as a leader in air carbon-arc gouging products. With the necessary skills and industry know-how, Arcair is home to an extensive range of products from carbon-arc gouging systems, exothermic arc cutting systems, and underwater cutting torches to welding electrodes.

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When it comes to temperature control technology Tempil leads the way. It offers a wide range of temperature measurement products, including: temperature indicating sticks, electronic surface thermometers, infrared thermometers, medical sterilization inks, weldable primers, heat-absorbing coatings and compounds, and temperature indicating labels, strips, inks and liquids. 

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Welding Alloys Group

A specialist in welding products and solutions, the Welding Alloys Group draws on more than two decades worth of experience. Represented in over 150 countries the group continues to manufacture the widest range of flux cored and metal cored welding wires, not to mention custom-designed modular welding equipment.

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Trafimet is a world-renown company, recognised for its innovation, product styling and quality. For the past 30 years Trafimet has developed and produced an array of welding products, from torches, spare parts, adaptors, socket and plug connectors, to many others.

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